How to make Lashes last LONGER 如何讓自己植的假睫毛更持久

Korean woman wearing natural looking reuseable lash extensions


Remember that your lashes won’t last super long on your first time application. Lash longevity will improve as you practice and as your application technique gets better. Within 3 or so times, you’ll be a pro!

Here are some tips to improve lash longevity: 

1. Apply MORE Lash Bond onto base of lash clusters. This is your adhesive. You need to swipe the lash cluster against the Lash Bond wand, and SCOOP a 3D 2mm-sized GLOB of Lash Bond onto the TOP base of each Lash Cluster - watch the below YouTube video to see what is the ideal amount: 


2. Shake your Lash Bond upside down prior to use to collect more Lash Bond on the wand (which will make Step 1 easier). Always tightly close your Lash Bond when not in use to prevent drying out.

3. During lash application, make sure to overlap your lash clusters very slightly when applying them. That way, the lash clusters adhere & hold onto each other as well as your own natural lashes, which improves lash longevity.

3. Make sure you're following aftercare instructions in the manual that came with your starter bundle, also summarised here.

4. If any lash segments get loose before you’re ready to remove your whole set, just remove, peel any Bond residue off the cluster, apply more Bond to it & pop it back on! This takes SECONDS at home. For a really quick solution - just re-squeeze with Lash Sealant on our Zukyun Applicator.


Please note that the above assumes that you are following the instructions in your manual that comes with each bundle and:

  • Applying a good amount of Lash Bond onto the underside of your own natural lashes; AND
  • Squeezing at the BASE of your finished lashes with the Zukyun Applicator (holding tightly for 2 seconds per squeeze). Make sure you’re squeezing as close to the base / your waterline as possible, and not at the lash tips. Watch our squeezing tutorial if you’re not sure!

    Do not apply Lash Sealant directly to your lashes to avoid affecting the look. Only use a small amount of Lash Sealant.

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