How to Reuse Lashes

Woman with hooded eyes applying lash adhesive that is made in Korea

Our lashes are reuseable up to 7x!

Most customers use 2-3 lash clusters per eye and most lash packs come with 12 lash clusters (so that's 2-3 FRESH uses BEFORE reusing).

For hygienic reasons, please follow the below steps to sanitise the lash clusters before every reuse.

How to clean & sanitise lashes?

  1. Using your fingers, gently peel the remaining Lash Bond (black in colour) off the band of each lash cluster
  2. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol / Isopropyl Alcohol (75%) (only HK$11 from most drugstores including Mannings in HK - click here) into a small glass jar
  3. Add some regular tap water - same amount as the rubbing alcohol. 
  4. Drop the lash clusters into the jar, stir, and close the lid
  5. Let the lash clusters soak for 30 minutes, before taking them out
  6. Use a small make-up brush to gently brush away any remaining visible glue 
  7. OPTIONAL: use a lash spoolie to brush through the lash cluster to bring it back to life
  8. Leave to air-dry for around 2 hours then return the lash clusters to their lash pack for storage

*Video Tutorial coming soon - stay tuned*

Note: If you start to feel that a single lash cluster is getting loose but you're not ready to take off full lash set -  gently peel that single cluster off, apply more Lash Bond to base of lash cluster & then pop back on (ideally re-squeeze that particular cluster with Zukyun applicator & Lash Sealant). Entire process should take couple of seconds. No need to go through above steps to sanitise (until you are ready to take off full set of lashes). 

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