How to WASH your Face with DIY Lashes?

Woman with monolid eyes applying at-home DIY eyelash extensions
Scroll to the bottom of the page for Instagram video tutorials. But if you prefer to read instructions instead, please read on!
  1. Think of your face as divided into two sections - the bottom half (under your eyes) & your forehead. Wash them separately to avoid soapy water dripping over your lashes.
  2. Rub cleanser onto your forehead. Wipe away with water & your hands, or use a face wash cloth/sponge.
  3. Wet a cotton round pad with cleanser & water and wipe around the eye area & into eye corners. 
  4. Wash bottom half as you normally would with water & cleanser.
  5. Pat your forehead dry with face wash cloth to prevent dripping. 


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