CLEANSE Eye Make-Up with DIY Lash Extensions On

Korean woman wearing natural looking reuseable lash extensions

Scroll to the bottom of the page for Instagram video tutorials. But if you prefer to read instructions instead, please read on!

If you want your lashes to last up to 5 days, we highly recommend using an oil-free make-up remover eg Micellar Water. You can get this at any drugstore. Here's a Micellar Water Mannings link for those based in Hong Kong.

If you're removing your lashes in the next day or so, you're fine to use your usual make-up remover (like I did in the video below). 


  1. Fold a cotton round pad in half and wet it with your make-up remover and gently go around the eye area. Avoid touching lashes and the lashline.
  2. You can cleanse/remove make-up from the rest of your face as normal.

NOTE: We do not recommend using mascara on your DIY lashes. Any other make-up is fine to use with your DIY lashes.


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