DO'S & DON'TS with Zukyun DIY Lash Extensions

Korean woman wearing natural looking reuseable lash extensions

If you're going for the full 1 week with our lashes, here are some DO'S and DON'Ts to take note of!




  1. Avoid getting them wet for the first 12 hours of application, to ensure that the Bond dries properly. That includes steam from hot showers.

  2. Avoid oil-based products near your eyes (including foundation, creams, cleansers, removers, eyeliner, eyeshadows containing oils).

  3. Avoid rubbing and pulling on them in general. Oil from your fingers can wear down the Bond.

  4. Please note our lashes are water-RESISTANT and not water-PROOF. So treat them as you would salon lash extensions i.e. avoid DIRECT contact with water when showering and washing your face. If they get wet, gently pat dry with tissue and let them airdry. Re-squeeze with our Zukyun Applicator after (no need to use Lash Sealant unless Lash Bond was freshly applied).



  1. Follow the longevity tips in this article.

  2. If any lash segments get loose before you’re ready to remove your whole set, just remove, peel any Bond residue off and then re-apply that baby right on again! This should be a matter of SECONDS at home! However, if you want a REALLY quick solution - just re-squeeze with Lash Sealant on our Zukyun Applicator.
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