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The Zukyun Starter Bundle has everything you need to get started on your DIY lash journey.  Each bundle will last you 5+ months of at-home lashing as lashes are reuseable. Each bottle of Lash Bond / Sealant / Remover contains a large amount of product and will last 8 months' of usage (assuming weekly usage). 

One bundle includes:

  • Our entire Volume Lash Collection - 1x Soy Into You, 1x So Oolong, 1x Egg-Xtra. Each lash pack = 2 fresh uses (because most use 3 lash segments per eye & 1 lash pack contains 12 lash segments). 
  • 1x Lash Bond (Black colour, 5ml). Our proprietary Korea-made formula withstands humid weather conditions.
  • 1x Lash Sealant (Clear colour, 5ml). The Lash Sealant is what activates the holding power of the Lash Bond during lash squeezing.
  • 1x Zukyun Applicator (Pink colour). A must-have for lash squeezing for 1+ week lash retention and a neat finish.
  • 1x Lash Remover (5ml). Guarantees a tug-free, 0-damage removal within less than 1 minute at home. A must-have if you reuse your lash segments.
  • 1x Zukyun Iridescent Make-Up Bag. Fits all tools + up to 10 lash packs. Waterproof.

Click here for our lash style guide.

PREFER DIFFERENT LASHES? If you'd prefer to receive 2 or 3 of the SAME styles, please let us know in the NOTES when you check-out and input in the following manner: "2 Soy, 1 Oolong" (for example). Orders not containing notes, or notes that do not follow this format, or are otherwise unclear, will revert to the default lash choice for that particular collection (which is 1 Soy, 1 Oolong & 1 Egg in the case of the Volume collection). Unfortunately we cannot accommodate changes later submitted via email or otherwise after check-out.



  • These DIY lash extensions are designed to adhere to the underside of your natural lashes. Designed to be slept in & showered in
  • 1 lash pack = 2 fresh uses (most only use 3 lash segments per eye). Lash segments are reuseable up to 7x
  • Lash Colour: Black
  • Lash Material: 100% handmade out of luxurious 3D vegan Korean Silk
  • Lash Band: Composed of our ultra-thin Black cotton for comfortable & seamless wear. No one (not even you!) will be able to see (or feel!) the lash band once your lashes are on
  • Glasses & Contacts approved
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free



  1. Curl your natural lashes.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Lash Bond on underside of natural lashes.
  3. Apply Lash Bond directly on the base of the lash clusters.
  4. Attach lash clusters to UNDERSIDE of your natural lashes.

See our Lash Tutorial for a video tutorial.


Apply our Hasta La Vista Lash Remover with its wand on the top and underside of your lashes. Allow it to sit for around 40 seconds. Use the wand or your fingers to slide the lash segments down. There should be ZERO resistance and no tugging.



You asked and we delivered - our Volume lashes are handcrafted to deliver a mesmerising effect & irresistible volume at ZERO weight. Your secret weapon to take you from boardroom to bedroom, whilst still looking like you got them from your mama…



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How long will one starter bundle last me? At least 5+ months as everything inside it (including the lashes) is reuseable. The liquids (Lash Bond, Sealant, Remover) will last you even longer, around 8 months (and that is assuming regular/weekly use).

Are the lashes reuseable? Yes, our lashes are reuseable. Most customers use 2-3 lash clusters per eye and most lash packs come with 12 lash clusters (so that’s 2-3 fresh uses before reusing). 

Which lashes are suitable for monolids & hooded eyes? You’re in the right place - ALL of our lashes are designed for monolids & hooded eyes. If you're going for a more obvious look on your monolids - go for the lashes with a deeper curl e.g. Fruitcake FlutterSleigh the Day and Egg-Xtra. You can check depth of curls in our lash style guide here.

I have short & sparse natural lashes, is this product suitable for me? No problem! Most Zukyun customers have weak lashes due to their previous lifestyle of continuous salon lash appointments. Short, sparse & downward-pointing lashes is also a problem that is very common to East Asians. Luckily, our founders are East Asian and we design lashes specifically to address this issue. Our lashes are unique in that they are ultra-featherlight (you won't feel them on), made out of Korean Silk and adhere easily to even the weakest of lashes.

I don’t know which lashes to pick! Check out our ultimate lash style guide here. Go for our Naturals for an everyday “your lashes but better” look, Wispys for an everyday glamorous look, and Volumes for an evening drinks vibe! Or feel free to send us (via Instagram) pictures of your ideal lash look for custom recommendations. We typically respond within 10 minutes.

Which lash style for a cat-eye look? Easily achieve a lifted cat-eye look by mixing lash styles - click here.

Where are your products made? Our Lash Bond & Lash Sealant are responsibly made & tested in South Korea.

Will the lashes just pop off my eye during the day? No. Our proprietary formulas ensures lashes don't ever "pop off"! At the most, perhaps 7 days in - a lash segment will start to feel a bit loose. That's how you know you should remove that 1 lash segment and reapply with more Lash Bond (takes a few secs only!). Check out reviews from real customers here.

What do Zukyun lashes feel like, once on? Application of the Lash Sealant means that they feel just like traditional salon lash extensions i.e. you don’t feel anything at all.

What makes Zukyun Beauty different? We are the only DIY lash extension system specifically designed for a natural look on petite eyes, monolids & hooded eyes. Our proprietary formulas are formulated to withstand 1+ week in humid weather. We are also the only lash brand worldwide which offers (free!) lash classes.

How does Zukyun compare to salon lash extensions? Our products are NOT the same as salon lash glue. Because they don’t contain harsh chemicals found in salon lash glue, our lashes won't last as long as salon lashes (which can last around 2-3 weeks). Howeverthey are a gentle and healthy alternative. Our founders started Zukyun upon realising that their natural lashes were suffering from continuous salon appointments.

Is Lash Bond safe for daily use on sensitive eyes? Absolutely. Our proprietary Lash Bond is ophthalmologist-approved, clinically-tested and proudly made in South Korea.

Do I really need the Lash Sealant & applicator? Yes. They are needed for Step 2 of application i.e. "squeezing". Squeezing is what activates the Lash Bond and locks lashes in for 1+ week hold. In order to squeeze, you need both the Lash Sealant & applicator.

What does the Lash Sealant do? Our Lash Sealant is made in South Korea and is used during lash squeezing, which is what activates the Lash Bond. Without it, you will be pulling away your DIY lashes as you go to squeeze them. The Lash Sealant also ensures you won’t feel your lashes whilst they’re on. 

Do I really need the Lash Remover? Yes. It is a must if you plan to reuse your DIY lashes 7x! It is also the only way to ensure a pain-free and smooth removal that promises 0 damage to your natural lashes.

I have bought but I can’t put the lashes on? 
Hong Kong
We will meet you at a convenient place & time for a FREE 1-2-1 lash class. If you aren’t able to put on your lashes by the end of the 20 minute class, we will refund 100% of your money back! Message us on Instagram with your order number to book in.

Online Zoom lash classes are available and we have 24/7 customer support. Just message us on Instagram - we typically respond within 10 minutes and can get you booked in for your FREE class within a couple of days.

Click here to see our full FAQs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Yvonne (Sydney, AU)
I love it 🥰

My initial try was a mess because of my lack of hand coordination. However, after a few more attempts, I finally found a technique that worked for me and allowed me to finish my lashes in less than 10 minutes.

SP (Officer, AU)

First off the lashes look so amazing on. Was very easy to apply, they have lasted me 10days! Although i had to reapply them on my right eye due to not applying them properly but on my other eye it stayed on the entire trip. I have managed to reuse them again after cleaning and they still look amazing! Highly recommend this product 💕💕💕💕

Marla Enriquez (Central, HK)
Love it!

I recently purchase the Zukyun Starter Bundle - VOLUME Lash Collection. The instructions were so direct and easy to follow! Love the outcome of the lashes on me. 🥰

Wing (Central, HK)
Great slashes!

Bought a starter bundle (volume lash) one month ago, it was much more easier to apply than i thought. It looks very good after wearing it on to my eyes, and it is very natural too! I used one hour to wear both sides for the first time, but after a few times of practices, I could finish both sides within 15 minutes! It is very long lasting as well, which it could last whole day long even I wore it to disney and had a lot of rides (^w^).
There's also a surprise free gift (one more pair of slashes)! Will buy it again! Love it!

Vanessa (Hung Hom, HK)
So convenient and easy to use !!

I tried on the Soy into you today! They are the perfect every day lashes!
I usually go for a bit more dramatic since I used to get my lashes done but they still look very good, easier to apply than strip lashes and look great and very natural ! I actually still have a few of my existing lash extensions on but I could combine them with Zukyun lashes luckily !

Look forward to trying other styles soon!