How to get a CAT EYE lash look?

Beautiful woman applying her own lash extensions at home

Our lash styles are designed for a doll-eyed, natural look. But if you did want to turn up the drama, check out the below lash combinations for a lifted cat-eye look:



* PER EYE: 6 pc Dimsum Diva + 1 pc Fruitcake Flutter at the very outer corner



* PER EYE: 4 - 5 pc Boba Bae (1st lash set/layer) + 3 - 4 pc Fruitcake Flutter (2nd lash set, layered underneath Boba Bae).

This means you actually wear 2 full lash sets, layered on top of each other - but don't worry, it will still feel and look super lightweight.

 See below for exact how-to steps:


1. Following usual procedure, apply Boba Bae layer to your entire eye. Use your usual number of lash clusters (4-5), and enough to cover your whole eye. Tightly squeeze & seal as normal. 

2. Dab your Lash Bond to underside of the already applied Boba Bae.

3. Reminder to apply Lash Bond to each cluster of Fruitcake Flutter as per usual.

4. Apply Fruitcake Flutter layer to your entire eye, BUT starting only from the middle part of your eye (rather than from the inner corner) and continuing outwards to the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to tightly squeeze & seal all lashes together. 

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