WHITEISH bits on your lashes??

Beautiful woman applying her own lash extensions at home

Happens overtime/during next few days after application 

This suggests that the white pieces are just little debri. They can be picked out with a sharp tweezer but be very careful and follow the instructions on our CLUMPY LASH blog post. If you don't have a sharp tweezer on hand, try a toothpick. 

Happens immediately after lash application

We are happy to say that this will not happen when using our new and improved Lash Sealant formula v2.0, which was especially formulated so you can squeeze as much as you like without turning the lashes white.

However if you are still using our old Lash Sealant formula, and the whiteness happens immediately after applying your lashes - it means you're using too much Lash Sealant, which is why we try to emphasise in all our instructions to go easy! :)

Some tips to remember: 

  • Avoid DIRECTLY apply Lash Sealant to lashes. Only INDIRECTLY apply by applying Lash Sealant to inside plates of Zukyun Applicator before "squeezing" at base/roots of finished lashes. 
  • When squeezing lashes, AVOID getting Lash Sealant onto your lash tips for an airy look.
  • DO make sure your Zukyun Applicator is clean from debris before squeezing.
  • DO make sure your Lash Sealant is FRESHLY applied on the Zukyun Applicator before squeezing. If you let Lash Sealant dry up on the Applicator before squeezing, dried globs can transfer onto the lashes.
  • ALWAYS clean Lash Sealant off your Applicator after every use. Don’t wait for it to dry. Soak in some rubbing alcohol (you can buy from any drugstore like Mannings - click here) or use an oil-based make-up remover, then wipe with a wet wipe (NOT tissue). Regular water won't work!
  • A single application of Lash Sealant onto the Zukyun applicator is sufficient for squeezing BOTH eyes.
  • OPTIONAL - IF your eyes feel a bit sticky when blinking, then LIGHTLY dab Lash Sealant 1x or 2x on the parts that feel sticky (usually this is the BASE underside outer corners of lashes). Remember to still AVOID swiping through & touching lash tips. No need to do this step if your lashes don't feel sticky.


If you do find whiteish bits on your lashes - best thing to do is to start again heeding the tips above.

PS. Squeezing your lashes with your Zukyun Applicator is key to getting them looking tidy and for longevity. One of the main purposes of Lash Sealant is to remove stickiness. That's why you need to apply it to the Applicator - if not, you risk the Applicator pulling off lash clusters during squeezing. 


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