How to avoid CLUMPY LASHES?

Beautiful woman applying her own lash extensions at home

A little clumpiness is normal especially for your first application! But don't worry - you'll get better at it and after another application or two, you're guaranteed to be a pro. 

Once the lashes are on & assuming you don’t want to remove them - the only way to fix minor clumpiness is to use a very sharp & precise tweezer (available for around HK$60 in Sasa or Cosme Hong Kong) to GENTLY comb through the clumpy part, but be VERY careful and for safety, DO NOT attempt this if you have shaky hands. Go to 7:33 on this YouTube video to see how it's done.

  • For safety, your eye should be three quarters closed during the entire process, and NOT wide open.
  • Our Zukyun applicator is designed to be eye-safe so will NOT be sharp enough for this purpose.
  • If you don't have a sharp tweezer handy - an ordinary toothpick will work for minor clumps, but not the 'deep' clumps. 

If you’re just starting to put on your lashes, make sure to follow these steps to avoid them turning out clumpy: 

  1. Make sure you're following our Application tutorials here and are dabbing a SMALL amount of the Lash Bond ONLY to the BASE/ROOT underside of your natural lashes - and NOT combing through ALL the way to the lash tips as you would with mascara. Avoid the lash tips at all costs!

  2. Hold your Zukyun Applicator vertically (like a pen/chopstick) when applying your lashes, and not horizontally across your face, as demonstrated in our tutorial video. If you do the latter, the Lash Bond on your natural lashes will get onto the Zukyun Applicator which results in clumpy natural lashes & a sticky Applicator.

  3. Try BENDING the Lash Bond and Lash Sealant applicator wands inside their bottles when you're taking them out. This will help you be more precise with your application (and don't worry - they will still fit inside their bottles after even when bent).

  4. Reminder that less is more when it comes to both Lash Bond and Lash Sealant - only a small amount is needed. And in respect of BOTH Bond and Sealant - you should only be applying to the BASE underside of lashes.
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