DIY LASH PACKS- Explained!

Beautiful woman applying her own lash extensions at home

Number of Lash Segments

For both our Natural Collection and Volume Collection - each lash pack contains 12 lash segments - that's a whopping 6 pieces per eye!

Most people only need 3-4 lash segments per eye (depending on eye size), so each lash pack will last you 2 FRESH uses before reusing. Lashes are reuseable up to 7x. 





Lengths of Lash Segments

**The Natural Collection**

The inner corner lash segment for each eye is a SHORT length - i.e. it is slightly shorter than the rest of the lash segments which are MEDIUMs.

This means that for your inner corner - you can EITHER:

  • use the SHORT segment for a more natural look, OR
  • any of the MEDIUM segments for a more dramatic look!

Either way, you will have enough MEDIUM segments left for the rest of your eye.  Watch 1:34 at this YouTube video for more information.

The above lash style is Soba Seduction. All of the Natural Collection follow the same format.


 **The Volume & Wispy Collections**

These collections follow the following format:

The above lash style is So Oolong. All of the Volume & Wispy Collections follow the same format.


Click here to find out how to PROPERLY remove your lashes from the pack!


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