How to TAKE OUT Lashes from its PACKAGE?

Woman with monolid eyes applying at-home DIY eyelash extensions

Check out 1:11 of this YouTube video OR scroll to the bottom for an Instagram video tutorial of how to remove your lashes from its package, but if you prefer to read then please continue!

Our lashes are designed to be very delicate so that you don't feel them on your eyes. This however does mean that care should be taken when handling. 

Method A: 

  1. Use a very sharp tweezer (not your Zukyun Applicator) to gently remove lashes (pulling from the land band, rather than lash tips) from the lash pack.

Method B if you don't have a sharp tweezer:

  1. Bend the plastic lash tray for easy access to the lashes
  2. Aiming to grab closer to the ROOT of the lash segment - remove gently with fingers and drop into the upturned tray cover for convenient access during application.


PS. Never pull from the lash tips as you risk pulling out individual lashes that way. Our lashes are so featherlight you don't even feel them on when sleeping - but the flip side of that is that they can be delicate. Please do not use our Zukyun Applicator to remove lashes from lash pack - it was not designed for this purpose or intended to be used in this way.


  • Flip the lash tray cover and use it as a basin for your "bonded" lash segments (i.e. lash segments you have applied your Lash Bond to). "Bonding" lash segments in one-go not only saves time during application, but gives the Lash Bond a bit of drying time (which is a good thing!).
  • You can reuse the bent lash tray for lash storage & recycle when done.



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