My lashes won't STICK!

Asian woman with hooded eyelids wearing reuseable false eyelashes

Lashes not sticking? Don't fret!

This could be because of one of the following issues:

  • Your Zukyun Applicator is too sticky from Lash Bond. This is why we recommend keeping any ordinary oil-based make-up remover near you as you lash. If and when the Applicator is taking away lashes instead of putting them on - just clean the Applicator tips with the make-up remover. Also, as mentioned in our tutorial video, don't use your applicator to touch the fake lashes once they're applied - if you feel the need to do this, better to use a finger instead. This way you keep the Applicator tips clean from sticky Lash Bond. 

  • Hold your Zukyun Applicator vertically (like a pen/chopstick) when applying your lashes, and NOT horizontally across your face, as demonstrated in our tutorial video. If you do the latter, the Lash Bond on your natural lashes will get onto the Zukyun Applicator which results in clumpy natural lashes & a sticky Applicator.
  • Apply slightly more Lash Bond to the underside of your own lashes

  • Make sure you're applying enough Lash Bond to the spine of your lash clusters. Click here for a video of how to do this. Give them 5-10 seconds to dry before attempting to apply the clusters onto your lashes. 
  • Make sure you're separating your bottom lashes from your top lashes in case they stick together during application. Also feel free to EITHER apply some Lash Sealant to bottom lashes OR keep cleaning your bottom lashes with an oil-based make up remover. That way your top lashes & bottom lashes won't keep sticking together during application. 

Any other issues, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support via Instagram or email at

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