My lashes still feel STICKY when I blink!

Asian woman with hooded eyelids wearing reuseable false eyelashes

No worries, this is an easy fix.

  1. Make sure you followed our instructions here and applied Lash Sealant to the inside of both plates of your Zukyun applicator before squeezing the BASE of your finished lashes, as close to your lash line as possible. If you have trouble squeezing - click here for a tutorial. 

  2. Repeat the above step again with more Lash Sealant (but don't go overboard) if your lashes are still sticky even after the 1st squeezing.

  3. Wipe under your eyes / bottom eyelid with ordinary make-up remover on a cotton pad (to ensure that you don't have any Lash Bond on your lower lash line). 

  4. If your eyes are still sticky when blinking, take the Lash Sealant wand and gently dab some onto the sticky part (tends to be underside of outer corner lashes). Avoid applying too much. Limit to 1 coat of Lash Sealant.

If you follow the above instructions correctly, you won't feel anything on your eyes.

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