Is it normal to see lashes in my vision?

Is it normal to see lashes in my vision?

Yes - even if you were to get your lashes done at the salon, your lashes are suddenly a lot longer than before and it is normal to see them a little in your vision. This is why most of our customers, who are long-time salon lash-goers, won't notice this issue.

If this bothers you, there is a quick fix: take an ordinary eyelash curler and curl as you normally would at the BASE of your DIY lashes.

  • Make sure you are curling at the BASE of the lashes and not at the middle part of the lashes or at the lash tips (this will cause your lashes to become loose). 
  • If you are curling immediately after applying your lashes - apply a thin layer of Lash Sealant to the inside plates of your eyelash curler before curling.
  • Please note that this will make your lashes look a little more curled than usual. 

The good thing is that if you ever need a break - simply remove your lashes in less than 1 minute at home & reuse your lashes another time. Unlike salon lashes - there is no need to wait for your lashes to drop off slowly over the course of a month!

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