How to Squeeze Lashes & Lock Them In

Woman with monolid eyes applying at-home DIY eyelash extensions

How to Squeeze your lashes: 如何夾緊假睫毛的根部

  1. Apply a small amount of Lash Sealant to the inside plates of your Zukyun Applicator. Less is more! 將少量的Lash Sealant (睫毛固定液) 塗在弧形鉗的內側
  2. Rotate Zukyun Applicator outwards & upwards, away from your face 把弧形鉗稍微往外轉 
  3. Whilst applicator is in rotated position, place the top applicator plate ONTO your eyelid (as close to root of lashes as possible) 把上鉗放落在眼皮上面,貼進眼線位
  4. Slowly clamp the applicator plates together. The above steps ensure you are squeezing at the base of lashes, and not the tips. 慢慢地夾緊假睫毛的根部


Why it is important to squeeze your lashes: 為什麼要夾緊假睫毛?

  • Locks the lashes in 穩固一下假睫毛
  • Increases lash longevity 增加假睫毛的持久性
  • Makes lashes look seamless 令真假睫毛融為一體



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