How to Lash FASTER

Asian woman with hooded eyelids wearing reuseable false eyelashes

Here are some tips to help you lash faster. 

  • Removing lash clusters from packaging. Remove all the lash clusters that you will be using from its packaging in one-go before you start lashing. Click here for easy removal of lashes from packaging.

  • Applying lashes to underside of natural lashes. If you're planning to lash your entire eye - no need to apply Lash Bond to your natural lashes bit by bit. Apply Lash Bond to all of your eyelashes in one-go, before even applying your first cluster. If you're not planning to lash your entire eye, only apply Lash Bond to the areas of your eyelashes that you are planning to lash.

  • Applying Lash Bond to lash clusters. Before you start lashing, apply Lash Bond to all of your lash clusters in one-go, as shown in the video here.

  • Keep any ordinary (ideally oil-baed) make-up remover near you as you lash. As and when your Zukyun Applicator tips get sticky from Lash Bond - just wipe clean with make-up remover and continue lashing.


Once you've mastered the above, your lashes may even take you less than 9 minutes! 

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