Asian woman with hooded eyelids wearing reuseable false eyelashes

When following our video tutorials and applying your Zukyun DIY Lash Extensions, aim to place your Zukyun Lash Segments at the base of and underneath your natural lashes. They should adhere to your natural lashes themselves.

PS. This is why they are so comfortable and it feels like you've got nothing on!

Do you see that gap in the picture below?

We do not recommend that you place lash segments on your upper waterline.

You can test whether they are on your waterline by blinking hard - if you feel the lash segments, then that mean's you've incorrectly placed them on your waterline. To resolve - you can carefully grab the lash TIPS of your lash cluster and pull upwards (towards ceiling) slightly. This will move the lash cluster UPWARDS and away from your waterline until it is sitting on your natural lash. 

What is the waterline?

The waterline is the area of skin between the base of the lash line and the cornea, where the eyelids meet when closed. Applying eyeliner to the waterline is a technique called tight-lining.

The upper waterline is marked in PURPLE in the pictures below.

Whilst it is not harmful to apply the lash segment to your waterline, you may feel some discomfort which is why we advise against it.

Happy Lashing! x x x

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