APPLY DIY Lash Extensions In TWO Easy Steps!

Woman with monolid eyes applying at-home DIY eyelash extensions

Apply your DIY Lash Extensions Lasting 1+ Week in 2 Easy Steps!

We have longer video tutorials on our website, but they basically boil down into the following 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Apply Lashes

Apply Zukyun DIY Lash Extensions


  • Curl your natural lashes first BEFORE applying the Bond.
  • Each of our Lash Pairs (check them out here) come with 12 lash segments, 6 per eye. Most people only need 3-4 lash segments per eye, depending on eye size.

The first application may take you a little longer, but by the 3rd time you'll be a pro!


Step 2: Seal & Squeeze

Seal & Squeeze Zukyun DIY Lash Extensions


  • Our Lash Sealant is a key ingredient for squeezing of lashes with your Zukyun Applicator. Without first applying Lash Sealant, you will take your DIY lashes away during squeezing.
  • Less is more - avoid getting Lash Sealant to the tips of lashes. 
  • DO NOT apply Lash Sealant DIRECTLY to lashes, UNLESS your lashes feel sticky when you blink. Then dab 1x/2x onto underside base of lashes.  
  • Make sure to clean your Zukyun Applicator after every application. Use rubbing alcohol or an oil-based make-up remover to clean, and then rinse & dry. 


DONE! Enjoy dreamy lashes for 1+ week, you clever cookie!

Enjoy dreamy DIY lash extensions up to 5 days!

No need to baby these lashes - go ahead with your daily activities as usual! They are water-resistant, sweat-proof & even sleep-proof. That's because our Bond and Sealant formulations are the only ones on the market tailored for humid weather.

*Note they are water-resistant, not water-proof, so do avoid direct contact with water.*

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